Ours is a concrete story of a woman’s passion to uplift the lives and wellbeing of other women in collaboration with several men in authority who believed in the importance of the role of women in development and nation building. Indeed, it is fitting to say that PGAD Quezon has its own story to tell.

Considerably, the following pit stops have totally influenced and completely set the landscape of the path of our journey.

First, the then SK President, Hon. Lourdes de Luna Pasatiempo sponsored Provincial Ordinance No. 4 s.2000 that paved the way for the creation of the Provincial Gender and Development Council. This fueled the burning desire to make the women of Quezon as active partners of development.

Our journey continuously gained its momentum, arriving through yet another pit stop that led to its inclusion among the priority programs of the Committee on Special Projects, of the then Gov. Wilfrido L. Enverga.

The creation of Gender and Development Code of 2004 laid down the foundation that provided for the existence of the Provincial GAD Office. We continued to travel on a tarmacadam, making our way steadier.

Being one of the recipients of the GREAT Women Project in 2007, during the time of former Gov. Rafael P. Nantes was the turning point that opened the new gateway for PGAD Quezon. Such gave unparalleled opportunities not only to conquer new challenges but also to deepen our understanding of our role as agents of change.

With an avenue ahead that was broader and smoother, the implementation of the JMC 2013-01 welcomed the path for the GAD Focal Point System of every LGU. Truly, PGAD Quezon traversed the highway of gender responsiveness as a means to bridge gender gaps and to address women issues.

The establishment of the GAD Monitoring and Evaluation Team in 2014 concretized the sincere efforts of the administration of Gov. David C. Suarez to continuously foster gender responsive local governance.

Recent recognition as a Local Learning Hub (by the Philippine Commission on Women) feels that we came home. Such honor is our driving force to be more committed as we strive to share the best that we have in gender mainstreaming.

The Provincial Gender and Development Office of Quezon have gone a long way but our quest for continuing the journey towards the fullness of our feat has never reached its end in the pursuit of gender equality and women empowerment through the localization of the Magna Carta of Women.



To provide gender responsive programs, projects and services that would equitably address the needs and concerns of men and women.



Women and Men of Quezon Province equally contributing to and benefiting from development for a better quality of life.