Aliwan Fiesta 2016





This annual gathering of different festivals from around the Philippines once again feature contingents from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao showcasing unique culture and tradition through their colorful festivals. Organized yearly by the Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC), in collaboration with Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) and the Cities of Manila and Pasay, Ailwan Fieasta 2016 recognizes and aims to promote the different festivals in the Philippines. Now on its 14 year, Aliwan Fiesta 2016 showcase nightly shows and trade fairs that will surely add to the fiesta atmosphere in CCP Complex.

Aliwan Fiesta 2016 is a 3-day event where participants competed in a grand street dancing competition, glittering float parade, Reyna ng Aliwan pageant and a Festival Music Showdown. Ms. Coralin Resurreccion our Bb. Niyogyugan 2016 from Sariaya, Quezon represents the Quezon Province as one of the candidate of Reyna ng Aliwan and the Hambujan Dancers of Dolores, Quezon participates the Street Dancing Competition and got the 5th place. It was dubbed as “Festivals of Festivals,” Aliwan Fiesta 2016 happened last April 14-16, 2016.