Madrid Fusion Manila: East Meets West





This year’s Madrid Fusion Manila (2nd year) highlighted the era when galleon comes in and comes out in Philippines archipelago with its theme “The Manila Galleon: East Meets West”, this years’ gastronomic event categorized cuisine in two ways:  food that’s our own, what people saw in their environment and used; and food that we borrowed and made our own.

Countries/Region like Spain, Mexico and Asian notwithstanding the geographic distance from the Philippines, exhibited closeness emanated from the galleon trading and its influences to our culture and traditions.

Cooking considered as a kind of cultural exchange, we made Spanish paella, Mexican tamales and some Asian food stuff as our own.

The 3 –days long event included a showcase of/and free tasting of foods from different regions of the country. Quezon Province in CALABARZON featured Kamayan sa Palaisdaan Restaurant and Air Summit Gourmet with their budin, Longganisa and Kalabasa pilipit.

The CALABARZON Pavilion’s design for this year’s Madrid Fusion Manila was the Arañat Balwarte of Gumaca.