Float Competition Winners 2016

The month of August marks the commemoration of the birth of then President Manuel Luis Quezon, the illustrious son of the province. As a way of celebrating the event, the provincial government prepares and organizes activities that highlight the best of Quezon in terms of festivities, products and personalities.

In 2011, Quezon Province held the first AGRI-TOURISM Trade Fair featuring booths adorned by agricultural produce and products from different municipalities here in Quezon. In 2012, the very first provincial festival aptly called, NIYOGYUGAN Festival, the celebration of the tree of life, was organized. The Niyogyugan, which came from the words "niyog" and "yugyog" (to move to a beat), was conceptualized by former Congresswoman Aleta Suarez and there will be 3 inter-related events/competitions namely: Float, Dance, and Festival Queen.

Quezon province celebrates various festivals in its 39 municipalities and 2 cities the whole year round, from January until December. To name a few, there is a Tay-Tsinoy Festival during January or February in Tayabas, the Tagultol Fishing Festival during July-August in Atimonan, the Maubanog Festival during July in Mauban, Boling Boling Festival in Catanauan, the Gayang Festival in Guinyangan and of course, the world renowned Pahiyas Festival during May in Lucban, Quezon. These celebrations are usually based on culture and spiritual traditions of Quezonians. The belief of petition, thanksgiving, and blessings from the Almighty are incorporated in these festivities.

On the other hand, the tree of life or commonly known as the coconut(niyog) tree, has been the main produce of Quezon since time immemorial. Also, our province was once hailed as the main producer/exporter of the coconut and its other by-products. Currently, the provincial government covers three flagship programs, under the leadership of Hon. Governor David C. Suarez, one of which is agriculture and this area is aiming to revive the coconut industry of the province.

With very diverse topography and culture, the municipalities and cities that comprise the province of Quezon may have at least one thing in common, it is our very lively, vibrant, and interesting festivals and we are claiming to be the “home of colorful festivals in the region!” This tagline can be used to fully promote the whole of Quezon, encompassing the traditions and the festive way we do our celebrations, be it a gala party or a carnival. It is then high time to launch a provincial festival that will showcase the best of the best from all parts of Quezon be it in festivity, product or people.

Aptly called NIYOGYUGAN Festival, it aims to showcase the tree of life which has been the main source of income for most of Quezonians in the early part of the century. It also aims to “shake” the industry by featuring the culture, the traditions, the values, everything that depicts the tree of life and how it affects the life of a typical Quezonian.

Moreover, we continue to aim that Quezon will be included in the tourism map of every country, every continent in the world and we focus all our efforts in the promotion of the province, be it through places and products or thrilling celebrations of festivals.