Serbisyong Suarez sa Kalusugan

"Making Quality Healthcare Accessible to All"




Quezon's First 1000 Days of Life is a program that intends to focus mainly on ensuring that the pregnant mother gets adequate information and health interventions during this period. It begins from conception then continues until the child reaches 2 years old; acknowledging that the first 1000 days of a child's life is the key to development and long term health.

The program aims to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality, improve the quality of life through reduction of malnutrition in Quezon Province and generate behavioral change among parents and community in child rearing through various health services and strategies. The services that will be implemented are geared towards making healthier, more socially matured, and economically productive Quezonians. This will be composed of three primary components: Health Care and Sanitation, Food and Nutrition and Social Care to give a more holistic approach that would cover all the essential elements for growth and development.



Quezon's geography poses as a challenge for its citizen's living in the province's island municipalities. There are some instances where illnesses cannot be simply treated in the island's available facilities and transfer to a different hospital is inevitable. The Sea Ambulance takes care of this problem by providing 'round-the-clock service. Funded by the provincial government, the Sea Ambulance is always ready to depart, even in emergency situations, to ferry patients from the island municipalities of Pollilo, Burdeos and Jomalig to the mainland.



Expanding the Provincial Government's services to make it more readily available to the public, Gov. David "Jayjay" Suarez initiated the "LingapKalusugansa Barangay" program-the first and only Health Coupon program in the country.

The program, focused on guaranteeing quick and efficient medical support in public hospitals within Quezon Province with the use of health coupons, under the leadership and guidance of Gov. Suarez, became a finalist in the "GalingPook" Awards on 2012.

Pioneered in 2011, the Provincial Government providesPhp 50,000.00-worth of health coupons to barangays within the province. With the "LingapKalusugansa Barangay" program, the Provincial Government partnered with Barangay Chairs whom they entrusted with the health coupons and instructed to prioritize indigenous people.

On its first year of implementation alone, the program aided 60,432 Quezonians in their medical expenses, ranging from procurement of medicines and medical supplies, laboratory fees, and other expenditures they accumulated. As of 2013, the program has already assisted more than 112,863 Quezonians.

Ensuring the continuity of the program, a Provincial Ordinance (Provincial Ordinance No. 14, Series of 2012 (Resolution No. 1252) "HEALTH COUPON ORDINANCE") was passed.



Continuing with his pioneering efforts, Gov. Suarez led Quezon to become the 1st Province to enter into a memorandum of agreement with PhilHealth to facilitate the implementation of universal health care program, Primary Care Benefit 1 (PCB 1) covering 10,000 beneficiaries.



To ensure that his constituents will be taken cared of, Gov. Suarez, together with the provincial government, provided healthcare facilities with modern and state-of-the-art equipment such as: Dialysis, X-Ray, Mammogram, CT Scan, Cryotheraphy, and Ultrasound machines.



Believing that the province's treasures are its citizens and their health, Gov. David "Jayjay" Suarez addressed the need of Quezonians for accessible, decent, and modernized healthcare facilities. The provincial government, under the guidance and support of the good Governor, oversaw the following activities:

  • - Construction of Quezon Medical Center's Annex Building in Lucena City (complete with the province's first Women's Health Center and a state-of-the-art provincial blood bank)
  • - Construction of Gumaca District Hospital
  • - Construction of Candelaria Operating, Recovery, and Delivery Complex
  • - Construction of New Claro M. Recto District Hospital in Infanta, Quezon
  • - Improvement of Unisan Community Medicare Hospital
  • - Improvement of San Narciso Community Medicare Hospital
  • - Construction of San Francisco Community Medicare Hospital



Due to the geographical challenge brought by the size and scope of the province, Gov. Suarez is mindful that some of his beloved constituents may forgo medical attention because of distance, aside from the usual financial constraints. To reach Quezonians which are from far-flung areas, the administration of Gov. Suarez continues to provide free dental, surgical, and ophthal missions through the Mobile Medical and Surgical Team of "Serbisyong Suarez". These medical missions, which from July 2010 up to the present have reached 39,000 Quezonians, are conducted at different parts of the province and likewise, provide free medicine.

As of 2013, 32,229 Quezonians benefited from medical missions, 5,878 from dental missions, and 1,603 Quezonians benefited from free major surgeries.



Gov. Suarez continues to provide assistance to help even the poorest Quezonian avail medical services through the Serbisyong Suarez Help Desk, which delivers financial assistance, and the one-of-a-kind LingapKalusugansa Barangay health coupon program, which provides patients with coupons that can be used to pay for hospital bills and medication in any public hospital in the province.

A total of 63,323 beneficiaries have already been provided for by the good Governor and his provincial government.



The Provincial Government and Gov. Suarez took steps to strengthen every barangay's first line of defense when it comes to providing healthcare - the Barangay Health Workers. Trainings and seminars were provided for Barangay Health Workers to update their basic medical know-how and add weight to their skills.